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Ladies Day in Memory of Loving Mother Tash

“We lost our beautiful friend Tash to breast cancer earlier this year; she was the reason behind our decision to fundraise for ABCR.”

A group of seven ladies all dressed in pink dresses at a ladies day raising funds for breast cancer

Unfortunately, Nicole Steigen recently felt the heartbreak of breast cancer, after losing her loving friend Tash just seven months ago to aggressive breast cancer.

“Tash was diagnosed in December 2019 and passed away on the 30 May this year, leaving behind her husband Mason and children Riley, eight, and Mia six – she was only 43 years old,” Nicole said.

“What hit home the most for everybody was if anyone could have fought cancer off it would have been Tash. She was one of the toughest chicks out. To watch her be taken so quickly, despite all of the treatment she had undergone was devastating.”

With emotions heightened, Nicole decided to hold a fundraiser in Tash’s name, and Nicole knew exactly what to do.

“Each year, the Nedlands Rugby Union Football Club in Perth have a ladies day to celebrate the women of the club with a different theme. Having just lost Tash, we knew it would be a great opportunity to honour her memory and create awareness for breast cancer and raise funds to research,” Nicole said.

“I own a grazing table business called The Rustic Platter Co and I had a million ideas of what I wanted everything to look like. I threw myself into full planning mode and coordinated everything myself.

“The dress code was of course pink and, on the day, it was so rewarding seeing this massive sea of pink no matter which direction you looked. All of the ladies looked stunning in their different outfits.”

Nicole hosted over 300 ladies and raised an incredible $2,200 for Australian Breast Cancer Research!

The ladies also heard from Nicole’s good friend Rhianne who battled breast cancer at just 32 years old and spoke about her experience.

“Rhianne discovered a lump in her breast while applying fake tan and she was shocked to be diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in her early 30s,” Nicole said.

“The aim of getting Rhianne to speak was to raise awareness that anyone can be diagnosed with breast cancer, even if you’re in your 20s or 30s. I hope this fundraiser prompted women to become better at checking their boobs and are now more aware of how common this deadly disease is.”

Nicole says a future free from breast cancer would mean everything to her and her loved ones.

“No child should ever have to see their mum become that sick and then lose them at such a young age. It’s cruel and it’s wrong. We need to find a way to stop the trauma and the suffering and stop more beautiful souls being taken away from their loved ones.”