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Meet the Team Behind G-Fresh

We are so thrilled to partner with G-Fresh this year, with their delicious products branded in pink and proceeds supporting breast cancer research. Together, we will find a cure!

Peter, Simon and Theo G Fresh

We are so thrilled to partner with G-Fresh this year, with their delicious products branded in pink and proceeds supporting breast cancer research. Together, we will find a cure!

We caught up with the Directors behind SA Spice, Peter, Simon and Theo, who run G-Fresh to find out more about their world and their passion behind supporting our cause.

Where did the idea for G-Fresh come from?

G-Fresh stands for “Garden Fresh”. Our products are packed daily, so we can always deliver the freshest possible product to the consumer in the dried herb and spice category.

How did the three of you (Peter, Simon and Theo) know each other before starting G-Fresh? 

Peter and Simon were high school buddies, before working together at a computer office supply company. The two remained friends when a wholesale distribution opportunity arose. Within 12 months of distributing wholesale herbs, spices and seasonings, the two boys decided to try a retail range in the independent supermarket group, Foodland.

An interstate opportunity also popped up, allowing SA Spice to launch into the eastern states at the same time as South Australia. This interstate venture also brought in a mutual friend as their third business partner, Theo!

Now in operations for over 20 years, what have been your key highlights of running this business?

Definitely launching our first 27 product lines into the independent supermarket group, Foodland. Also, competing with and overtaking the two multi-nationals in the dried herb and spice segment for the independent grocery market.

What do you believe has been key to the success of your brand? 

Our iconic G-Fresh jars are all exactly the same price, making it even easier for the consumer select their cooking ingredients. We always wanted G-Fresh to be a high-quality range of everyday and unique products, which offers value for money at a very competitive price. Our willingness to accommodate the customer over and above expectations has also seen our business forge valued business relationships.

Where did the idea for supporting Australian Breast Cancer Research come from?

Throughout our journey, we’ve always supported various charities. We’re now in a position to support a much larger cause. We decided to support an initiative, which has touched many members of our team.

What do you hope the proceeds donated from G-Fresh to ABCR are able to help achieve?

We want to find a cure for this horrible disease. While recognising that this is a tall dream, we’re excited to work with ABCR in the prevention, detection and management of breast cancer in Australian women. We think it’s so important to keep making improvements to the quality of life for patients during their journey of treatment.

Have you had any feedback from your consumers on the new-look products and the fact they are helping support a much-needed cause?

They love them! We continue to receive a lot of positive feedback through the business and also from our family and friends.

What are each of your favourite thing to cook using G-Fresh products?

Simon prefers to cook with all of our BBQ Seasonings. He loves to fire-up his charcoal BBQ and experiment with all of the diverse flavours.

Theo loves using seafood style flavours from our huge range, when cooking dishes like baked snapper and salt ‘n’ pepper calamari.

Peter absolutely loves playing around with all the single ingredients, to create some delicious and unique flavours. He also enjoys wowing people at his home dinner parties!