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21st November 2022

Dad's breast cancer inspired Mardi

Blink 1

Mardi Kolcze brought her family and friends together for her Longest Table in honour of both her father who was diagnosed with breast cancer and her mother with uterus cancer.

“On my 21st birthday, my dad found that something didn’t feel quite right,” Mardi said.

“Unfortunately, the lump was breast cancer. He then had his right breast and lymph nodes removed.”

Mardi’s Longest Table theme was “blink” – a mixture of blue and pink as an ode to her father’s breast cancer diagnosis.

“I have made and created breast cancer ribbons to include men, as men can feel very emasculated with not a lot of information out there for them.”

“Everyone should smile and live each and every day. In the ‘blink’ of an eye, life can change.”

Mardi and her family had a goal to raise $500, which they smashed by raising over $1000! Thank you!

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